Friday, July 12, 2013

One Day at a Time

Hello dear friends,

Lots of people have reached out to us asking for current updates... well my second beta was 188, not quite doubling but calculates as a doubling time of 67 hours, normal is between 48 and 72 hours, so we were still within normal limits. My doctor is pleased as long as there is at least a 60% rise in 48 hours, this was a 64% rise. He is happy with our progress. Our first ultrasound won't be until July 29th. Today I am 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

As far as how I'm feeling... blessed. Very blessed. And nauseated... and tired... and all the other things that go along with pregnancy. I'm so so so very thankful for EVERY symptom!! We are still on progesterone once daily and estriadol twice daily. On my second lab draw my progesterone level was 70, so they decided not to change any dosages.

Early in the morning we will be leaving to go to the beach for an entire week! Perfect timing. Packing has been a chore, none of my clothes fit... and although I shouldn't be showing yet, my stomach stayed swollen after our shots so I look more pregnant than I actually am... which is totally fine, just makes my choices very limited lol. My anxiety level has been... well... difficult to deal with at times. Every twinge, pain or cramp that I have makes me nervous... every time I go to the bathroom I check for blood. Thankfully I have had zero spotting or bleeding. When we get anxious and nervous and scared... all we can do is pray. So that's what we do. Hubs is nervous too... I think with our past, it's simply natural to feel that way.

Overall... we choose optimism. We choose happiness. We choose to enjoy every second of this pregnancy. We choose to love these babies forever. So, we take things one day at a time... sometimes one hour at a time, whatever we can manage.

We are still beyond overjoyed. This is one of the most amazing and wonderful blessings of our lives. We thank God for that every minute of every day.

For now, the beach is calling our name... see you guys next Saturday!

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  1. Enjoy your trip!! You deserve every minute of rest, sun and relaxation!