Friday, April 18, 2014

Hello Second Trimester!

Hello and happy Good Friday everyone!! As we celebrate this weekend and all that God has done for us, we are most thankful that on this Good Friday, He sacrificed himself, so that we all may be washed clean in His blood... paying for our sins. What a beautiful gift. I hope you are all feeling the love of Christ this Easter season!

Today, we are 14 weeks pregnant, in our second trimester and feeling amazing! No more morning sickness, a little more energy... and feeling overwhelmed with love for our sweet clover baby. We are growing!!

We checked on our little baby this week... and little clover decided to give us quite a little show... showing off all of his growth and his smooth moves... and even... his family jewels! Yes, ladies and gentlemen... our little clover baby is a boy! We are having a son!

Making that statement brings me to tears as I am writing this. Our sweet son. Our beautiful miracle. The one we cried over... struggled for... prayed for... begged for... and are now thanking God every second for.

After a rough weekend last week, me with bronchitis following a bad sinus infection... and hubby also sick, we have some catching up to do around this house! The biggest task at hand: working on our new floors... we have roughly 5 months to get everything in order for our sweet baby boy!! Oh and I'm sure you are all wondering, we HAVE chosen a name. :)

Please continue to pray for our rainbow baby! (A rainbow baby is a baby that comes after the "storm", a loss or several losses or infertility... or in our case, all of the above. It's a symbol of God fulfilling His promises and His undying love for his children.) We receive this last weekend as our first gift for our sweet clover baby!

My mind is racing a thousand miles a minute with ideas for rooms and wishes and dream for our sweet Caleb...  my heart is overflowing! Thank you everyone for standing in prayer and love with us as we continue this amazing journey! I can hardly put my thoughts in order as I'm writing this.

If you find yourself in the middle of a stormy time, remember, God will NEVER leave your side. Trust Him, walk WITH Him... depend on HIM! You will find your rainbow!


  1. YAY!!!! Your Prince will soon be here before you know it!!! CONGRATS yall deserve the gift of a precious perfect angel!!! I love yall and can't wait to see him!!!

  2. Yay!! So very sweet!! Cannot wait to see nursery stuff!!

  3. I didn't even get through the first sentence and I was crying like a baby!! I am so beyond excited for you and mike and sweet baby Caleb!!! You look beautiful and you are absolutely glowing!! Prayers are going up for you in our ladies class at church and I cant wait until the day I can tell them that a prayer has been answered and you get to hold that sweet, beautiful baby boy in your arms!!! Love ya girl and I cant wait to see more pics of that growing gorgeous baby belly!!!

  4. Look how beautiful and that sweet baby boy are!!!!! I am so happy for you both!!!!

  5. Great name. My sweet Caleb went to Heaven 2 weeks ago.